Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Segways Used In Olympic Prep. Terrorists Win.

In a bold move, the Chinese government has deployed thousands of armed troops on Segways to Bejing, to serve as a terrorism deterrent at the Olympic Games. Sources close to the Communist government said the thought was, that if they could get the terrorists laughing hard enough, maybe they'd just "...realize they are being dicks and go home."

Seriously. If I saw a guy coming at me fast on one of these things, it wouldn't matter if he was wielding a bazooka filled with cobras...I'd still laugh at him. I'd be all "You're such a dork!" and then he'd be all "Eat snake, terrorist!" and I'd be all "It looks like you're pooping!" and then I would succumb to my injuries. But I'd still be laughing at him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iPhone Peripheral Scares Parents, Cops.

iGiveUp is a neat peripheral you can make for your iPhone so that it looks like you're sticking a gun in your ear. Ha.Ha.Ha.

Get it?

It's funny because you'll make everyone within 10 feet of you shit their pants and need therapy.

Or better yet take it to the airport and start waving it around screaming "I need to make a call!" Those TSA guys will get a big kick out of it. They have the BEST sense of humor.